Online Research

Online research can be a challenge at the best of times. Results are not always what you intended them to be:

  • Not relevant
  • Too old

You can waste a lot of time looking for solutions!

Non Technical Research

So if your non technical and just want some assistance pooling together some ideas for a website project for example. I can help you research the competition, add some exciting ideas, and put together a spec. You can then use the spec for things like committee presentation purposes, or to help you understand what type of requirements you will need for your website.

Technical Research

If you are technical, or another web designer / developer then I know long it can take to find solutions if you have programming issues with code conflicts, and styling problems across different browsers and devices. Things like how Macs render fonts differently to PC's, or different plugins, extensions, or modules only work up to a certain version of jQuery or PHP. So if your struggling to complete a project and need somebody to bug bust, and then either fix the issue or supply a fully working workaround then you can save time by hiring me to delve into the code and resolve.