Online Promotion & Social Media

Social media and online promotions are a great way of building up your online presence quickly and easily.

Social Media

Whatever your opinions are of social media at present it is a big part of the online presence for a business to have these days. Either at the time that your website is being designed & developed, or during a later phase I can create both a Facebook business page for you and a Twitter profile. Also training can be given as necessary. Both your Facebook and Twitter profile pages can (to a limited degree) be styled to match your website branding which will definitely add a professional touch to your online presence.

Online Promotions

These can be handled 'when you need them' stages. Although I will give to you a 'best practice' promotions plan. Each promotion that is developed to run on your website will always have a guaranteed end result. How regularly you would like to run a promotion will  depend upon how quickly you want to grow your online presence. The various types of end result are:

  • Facebook: A marked increase in your Facebook page 'likes'.
    • Your Facebook page 'likes' score increases every time a new user interacts with your page and clicks their unique 'like' button.
    • A high 'like' count increases confidence amongst the facebook community in you and your business.
    • In 2013 I ran a very quick 1 day 'facebook page like promotion' because a colleague despite running a promotion for a few weeks had only managed to attract 150 likes by 10am that morning, and their promotion was finishing that day. I agreed to create a promotion and by 21:00 that night we had 850 likes! If the promotion had been run over the course of a week+ then...
  • Twitter: A marked increase in your Twitter followers. A high amount of followers for your Twitter business profile is an indication that people are interested in what you have to say.
  • Newsletter: If you will be sending out marketing campaigns via a newsletter solution such as Mailchimp then you can very quickly grow your mailing list by running an online promotion
  • Surveys: Gain a large amount of feedback either about your website or a question or two you'd like to ask people about your business sector...