Existing Website Feedback & Refresh

If you've already got a website then there's a couple of services that it would benefit from.

Feedback Report

This would involve me reviewing the site and providing a report for you that would cover:

  • How understandable the site, and it's navigation are for a new user
  • What 'calls to action' exist (e.g. are contact details easily available?)
  • How quick the site is to load
  • Where the site appears in search results
  • How appealing the existing look, style, and functionality is
  • How 'responsive' the site is across multiple devices (PC, tablet, mobile)
  • Whether the site is pitched right for its intended target audience
  • What could be done to update the site

Website Refresh

Because current technologies move very fast. A website that is a couple of years old may be slightly struggling to perform to the best of its ability..

A site refresh does not necessarily require a large budget to bring it up to date. If there are a lot of changes that could potentially be made, then I'll advise by breaking the list down into an action plan. The action plan will allocate levels of urgency for the different elements, which can then be further worked through in phases.

The most likely primary element that may require adjustment is site responsiveness to new browsers, tablets and mobiles. This is achieved by making the whole site more fluid with less fixed width elements at play.