Stanway Villa Football Club - June 2015 Stanway Villa Football Club - June 2015

Stanway Villa Football Club - June 2015

I originally developed the Stanway Villa Football Club (SVFC) WordPress website in 2012 which SVFC have administered ever since with the occasional bit of support now and then. So the site had become due to a refresh.

The new site was put live in June 2015, has a fresh and modern look and feel. It is also responsive to all devices and is even easier to administrate as it uses a relatively new technology called 'visual composer' which allows the user to quickly create new layouts and add content. Visual Composer is ideal for those who have used WordPress for the past few years and understand how it all works. These type of users will have a greater appreciation of what Visual Composer does for them. 

You can visit the Stanway Villa Football Club website here:

Stanway Villa Football Club Testimonial

"We at Stanway Villa FC, like the fresh new feel David has been able to create for our website.

It is always great to work with David, his ideas and solutions really meet our needs for a great football club site.

We now have lots of new features and automatic updating which will save a lot of weekly admin time and the Wordpress Visual Composer is a simple but powerful tool.

Thanks for all your help and ongoing support."

All the Best

Alan Barber

Vice Chairman
Stanway Villa FC"