Park Automotive - July 2015 Park Automotive - July 2015

Park Automotive - July 2015

As a new business Park Automotive called me to replace their initial start up website with a professional, easy to administrate, and responsive site. I have worked with and am still working with Park Automotive to heavily increase their prescence on the internet. The starting point was the website which launched at the beginning of this month. Since going live it has received much positive feedback, and I have now set it up so that new car adverts can also be posted to their recently enhanced Facebook page. We will be moving on to other social media integration such as Twitter, as well as online promotions to get people visiting the site and consequently themselves.

Park Automotive are based in a rural location and therefore do need their internet prescence to attract customers in.

You can visit the Park Automotive website here. If you see anything you like the contact Mark or Paul on 01206 241153: