Church Antiques - April 2015 Church Antiques - April 2015

Church Antiques - April 2015

The Church Antiques website uses a content management system called LemonStand. There are two versions of LemonStand:

  1. Version 1 is now no longer supported by LemonStand themselves and is classed as a 'legacy' system. It is self hosted, so if you have access information you can get to all files on your own hosting.
  2. Version 2 is a totally new version and is hosted 'in the cloud' so all development is done through an admin panel. Version 2 uses totally rewritten code and the new look sites are responsive.

Because Church Antiques were using their LemonStand version 1 to display adverts without the eCommerce side of in play (i.e. there were no payments involved and potential customers need to make contact with them to enquire about the product) it was agreed that I would work with the existing legacy system to create and introduce a new theme which was also responsive based on Church Antiques designs. I worked closely with Church Antiques throughout the project to achieve the design, look and feel that they wanted. The result was also responsive and I was able to add in extra more up to date functionality.

You can visit the Church Antiques website here:

Church Antiques Testimonial

"We are very pleased with how David got to grips with our version 1 LemonStand CMS system. He worked with us to develop a much more up to date looking site, and also managed to code into this older system functionality which did not exist before.

David’s patient responsiveness and fast turnaround with our questions and requests is always professional and efficient. We would highly recommend the service which David provides for your web projects. 

John & Lawrence, Church Antiques