ADCTF - June 2014 ADCTF - June 2014

The Australian Davis Cup Tennis Foundation - February 2015

February 2015

A new phase for the ADCTF website was introduced this month. Whereby I added WooCommerce eCommerce functionality to the site. This now means that ADCTF can both sell and take payments for their merchandise all through the website. A membership subscriptions extension was also introduced so that ADCTF can also administrate their memberships through their website too. The system is automated so that subscribers receive a reminder when their subscription is due which will cut down on ADCTF administration. I have also made the whole site secure by requesting that an SSL certificate is installed so that the checkout process and most other pages display as 'https' secure server pages, along with a little padlock icon giving website visitors reassurance that their personal information is safe.

You can check out the new membership page here:

June 2014

The Australian Davis Cup Tennis Foundation website was not originally designed and developed by myself. But last year the site was compromised. As a result it required a more secure framework, and functionality which would enable ADCTF staff to easily update the site. Many areas of the site had been locked away in code files, which meant that the site was not very user friendly when it came to updating it.

So over the past month or so I have been working with ADCTF to bring back functionality, make the site responsive, and train them including how to properly back the site up.

I will be continuing to work with ADCTF in the future.

You can visit the ADCTF website here:

ADCTF Testimonial

"We have been delighted with your meticulous work and in particular your patient explanations of what needs to be done to update the site ourselves (given our limited understanding in this area.) The finished site looks great and has a number of interesting features that we would never have known about if left to our own devices.

We can now confidently add our own articles, photos, etc and even back-up the site ourselves and the anti-hacking features installed by David are also appreciated. We will certainly use David again for any future re-development of our website."

Robert Jamieson, Treasurer, The Australian Davies Cup Tennis Foundation